Sunday, December 16, 2007

Molasses Crinkles

When my husband is home and there's nothing to do, he usually watches football or an episode of 24. When I am home and there's nothing to do, I bake. Basically it is a win-win situation for my husband when there is nothing to do at home. I made these cookies this weekend. I gave my husband a choice between these and chocolate chunk oatmeal coconut cookies, and he wanted these. These were good cookies, but not great. They are like gingersnaps but chewy. I baked them for 12 minutes and that was too long, should have baked them for 10 instead. I have one good cookie sheet (Calphalon, it is my favoritest cookie sheet in the whole world) and two cheap ones - they came out nice and chewy on the Calphalon sheet but too dark and crispy on the cheapie sheets. If we weren't moving overseas soon I would buy another Calphalon cookie sheet... oh heck, maybe I should just buy one anyway! I'll bring them both overseas with me, so that I can make nice, chewy cookies abroad.

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